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Suspended Work Platform Permit

Any employer in Manitoba who proposes to use a suspended work platform at a height in excess of 3 metres above ground, or intends to use a crane to suspend a personnel basket or cage at any height must give notice to the WSH branch at least 8 hours before the platform, personnel basket or cage is suspended.

Employers must not start work with the use of a suspended work platform without a valid serial number assigned by the WSH branch for the project.

To receive a valid serial number for suspended work platform use, the employer must ensure:

  • All information in the suspended work platform permit application is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Certified roof plans are readily available

Roof Plans

Roof plans are drawings and layout diagrams showing positions of approved anchors, tie-back points, and outrigger or davit arm placements used for suspended work operations at each physical location. At minimum, the following information must be provided to the employer by the building owner, along with additional information as determined necessary to do so:

  • Plan view showing essential structural members, including anchors
  • Details of the equipment and its installation
  • The safe working loads of the equipment and any use restrictions on the equipment
  • All relevant obstructions, structures or other obstacles that impede the safe operation of the equipment


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