Manitoba Back to Work This Summer Program Application Form

Please review the Program Guidelines prior to completing this application. If you have any questions, or have unique circumstances you would like to review, please email

Section 1 - Applicant Information

Section 2 - Position Information

Note: Employers may receive funding for different positions under both the Manitoba Summer Student Recovery Jobs Program and the Manitoba Back to Work This Summer Program to a combined maximum of five positions in total. Employers who have already hired under the Manitoba Summer Student Recovery Jobs Program for fewer than five positions may apply for new positions under the Manitoba Back to Work This Summer Program for the remaining balance.

Section 3 - Business Information

Business Address

Mailing Address

Section 4 - Organization Information

Section 5 - Payment Information - Business Bank Account

Banking information is optional when submitting the eform, department staff will follow up with applicants at a later date to collect this information if not provided

Please note:

  • Incorrect Information may result in processing delays.
  • Please provide information for the business bank account.
  • Bank Accounts must be in Canadian banks.

Bank cheque

Section 6 - Declaration of Eligibility

  1. My business is a permanent, Manitoba-based business operating in the Province of Manitoba.
  2. My business does not have an active Manitoba Business Start Loan Guarantee, a loan under the Manitoba Industrial Opportunities Program, or an agreement under The Community Revitalization Tax Increment Financing Act.
  3. My business was not in arrears for taxes owing to Manitoba on March 20, 2020 (i.e., before the state of emergency).
  4. My business is in good standing with the Manitoba Companies Office (not required for a sole proprietor).
  5. My business is not a multilevel marketing business or a passive business/corporate entity that does not exist for the purpose of carrying out an active business in Manitoba;
  6. My business has an active and valid business number, business bank account, and email address.
  7. My business will follow Manitoba’s COVID-19 public health guidelines for the workplace.
  8. My business will comply with all federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulatory requirements.
  9. My business is not and will not be receiving any other government support for any positions subsidized under this program. This includes, but is not limited to, the Canada Summer Jobs Grant, Green Team Program, Manitoba Summer Student Recovery Jobs Program abd Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy.
  10. My business will maintain complete and correct payroll, employment and accounting records, financial documents and other records for each worker hired under this program.
  11. My business will not hire an immediate family member for any positions I am requesting funding for.
  12. My business will not request funding for any existing workers. The worker may be a previous employee laid-off due to COVID-19 provided they had not been re-hired prior to June 1, 2020, or a new employee, and will not displace any existing workers.
  13. The application is not for a charity, not-for-profit organization, political party, or a public sector employer including public health, educational institution, municipal/provincial/federal government or agency.

Section 7 - Employer Authorization

The information you have provided is protected under Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Manitoba and will be used to determine your eligibility for the Manitoba Back to Work this Summer Program and other Manitoba government programs, and for administration, accountability and evaluation/research purposes.