Manitoba Internationally Educated Nurses Program FAQ

  1. What kind of supports am I eligible for? The type of supports and the amount of funding will depend on an applicant’s assessed needs. Applicants may be assessed as eligible for costs associated with applications, assessments, and bridging tuition as well as living supports, transportation, and child care expenses.
  2. What are the timelines associated with this program? How long will it take? The length of time will vary depending on the applicant.
  3. What happens after my application is submitted? Applications will be assessed to determine program eligibility and the appropriate process. Applicants will be contacted by e-mail to outline the next steps. Additional documentation may be requested. Please check your e-mail regularly for communications.
  4. I am currently living abroad. Am I eligible for this program? To be eligible, applicants must reside in Manitoba as of July 5, 2021.
  5. I am not an internationally educated nurse, but I studied a different medical program abroad. Am I eligible for this program? No. Applicants must be internationally educated nurses.
  6. Will I need to go back to school? All eligible applicants must follow the regular IEN process. Individuals will need to have their credentials and previous employment assessed by the National Nursing Assessment Service and the appropriate regulatory body in Manitoba to determine if additional education is required. Most often, IENs who are deemed eligible are required to complete bridging education. Please refer to the websites below to learn about the IEN process for registration:

    College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba

    College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

    College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba

    National Nursing Assessment Service