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The key to a successful action plan is preparation. The questions below are designed to help assess your readiness to look for work. There are no right or wrong answers. Please answer the questions as best as you can. If you need help, see a Jobs on Market staff.

  • Personal Data
  • Work History
  • Education History
  • Additional Information
  • Declaration of Applicant

Personal Data

Preferred communication method
Do you have a valid driver's licence?
Do you have Airbrakes endorsement?
Do you have reliable and accessible transportation - are you able to get to where you need to go?

Work History

Have you ever been employed?

Job 1 (click here to enter job information)

Is this a current source of income?

Job 3 (click here to enter job information)

Have you ever had a volunteer/unpaid position?

Volunteer position 1 (click here to enter volunteer information)

Education History

Do you have any additional training?

Education/training program 1 (click here to enter training information)

If education/training was not completed, explain why. If training was completed, why are you not working in that field?

Additional Information

Language, Literacy and Essential Skills

Are you comfortable understanding and/or completing written material such as:

Check all that apply

When you think about your next steps, will you need to improve any of these skills:

Check all that apply

Job Search / Self-Marketing Tools

Do you have a resume/cover letter?
Have you ever been to a job interview?
Have you ever filled out a job application?
Do you have access to the internet or newspapers?
Can you get positive work references?


Do you have stable, affordable and adequate housing?


Do you have childcare in place now and/or are you able to arrange for reliable childcare and backup support?


Do you have any medical concerns (physical health, mental health or disability) that would prevent you from participating in employment or training?

Additional Information

Do you have any personal issues (involvement with the justice system, addiction issues, personal or family concerns) that would prevent you from looking for a job, working or training?

Declaration of Applicant