Enhanced Home-Based Child Care Start-Up Grant

Application Form

Program Description

The purpose of the Enhanced Home-Based Child Care Start-Up Grant (HCSG) is to support entrepreneurs in developing a new child care program in their homes. This program is open to recipients of the previously administered Temporary Child Care Services Grant who are interested in continuing to develop their home-based child care business, as well as new providers interested in setting up a home-based child care business.

SCSG funding may be used to help offset the wages of staff directly involved in the operation and/or administration of child care services, to purchase equipment required for those services, or to support renovations required to ensure dedicated spaces meet regulatory and/or licensing requirements. Marketing and promotional activities are not eligible.

The amount of grant funding received depends on the business plan submitted with the HCSG application form. Eligible applicants developing new child care services will receive a one-time grant of $5K per full-time-equivalent child care space as per their business plan to a maximum of $50K, subject to the availability of government funding.

The recipients of the Temporary Child Care Services Grant who would have received up to $3K, are eligible to receive a top-up of up to $47K, subject to submitting a business plan demonstrating how the funding would be used to enhance their existing home-based child care business model.

Eligibility Criteria

  • New providers interested in setting up a home-based child care business
  • Recipients of the previously administered Temporary Child Care Services Grant who wish to continue to develop their home-based child care business
  • A successful business plan that will provide new child care services out of a home-based business

Applicant Information

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