Excavation Permit

Any employer in Manitoba who proposes to make an excavation that is more than 1.5 metres deep, in which a worker is required or permitted to enter must provide notice of excavation to the Workplace Safety and Health Branch (WSH) not more than 48 hours before the day the excavation work is scheduled to begin.

Employers must not begin any excavation work without a valid excavation registration number and serial number for the excavation project from the WSH branch.

To obtain a one-time registration number for your excavation company, please call WSH at 1-204-957-SAFE(7233) or toll-free at 1-855-957-SAFE(7233).

An excavation permit requires employers to ensure that:

  • All information captured in the excavation permit application is accurate and up-to-date
  • All documentation including serial numbers, procedures and engineering drawings where applicable are readily available
  • Workers have received appropriate training for the tasks to be performed


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If you do not know your Registration number call 204-957-SAFE

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