Each of the following Project Submission Sections must be fully completed before you submit your project. A green check mark in the circle indicates the section is complete.

Data from a partially completed form can be saved to your computer. When you click the SAVE button, the online form will generate a .DATA file which you can find in your downloads folder (unless you change the file path when saving). When you are ready to resume work, reopen this stream specific online form and then click the LOAD button, which will prompt you to select the saved .DATA file from your computer. Doing this will reload the data you previously populated in the form. The .DATA file is specific to this online platform and its only purpose is for loading partially completed forms.

Eligible Proponent: Proponents must identify under one of the following categories for eligibility under ICIP.

Province of Manitoba proponents are to contact the Manitoba Strategic Infrastructure Secretariat directly.

Indigenous proponent under one of the following groups below:

Project Eligibility Conditions

Under ICIP, various eligibility conditions may apply to your project. Please answer or confirm all of the following:

Proponent Details
Proponent Mailing Address
Primary Contact
Secondary Contact (optional)
Project Details
Project Type
What types of land ownership are required for the completion of the project? (Check all that apply)
Project Schedule
Project Works: Indicate the percentage for each of the project work options.
Population Benefits
Project Outcomes
Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure Stream

Projects submitted under the ICIP Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure Stream must meet at least one of the following Outcomes to be eligible. However, please identify all the applicable Outcomes you expect your project will deliver on and provide anticipated results that will be achieved at project conclusion, as required.

Type of Project

Service Area

Additional ICIP Program Outcomes:

If your project will deliver additional ICIP Outcomes from the other funding streams, please list the Outcome(s) and the applicable indicator(s) which demonstrate how the Outcome(s) will be met.

Project Finances

Note: ICIP does not provide additional federal/provincial funds to cover cost overruns.

Project Submission History
Project Costs

A completed Detailed Project Cost Estimates Worksheet is required to be submitted with your supporting documents in order for your project submission to be considered complete.

Note: Costs incurred before Project approval, and any and all expenditures related to contracts signed prior to Project approval, except for expenditures associated with completing climate lens assessments as required under ICIP, are ineligible.

ICIP PROGRAM CONTRIBUTIONS (Federal/Provincial Shares)

ICIP Federal and Provincial program cost shares vary depending on the funding stream and the category of proponent. The following is an estimate of the ICIP Program and proponent contributions to a project, based on information provided in this project submission and may vary after review.

Estimated ICIP Program Contribution Cash Flow Projections (Federal / Provincial Shares)
Borrowing (Secured and Unsecured)

Identify all secured internal and external project funding sources. Once this section is completed, the total Internal and External Secured Funding Sources added to any identified Unsecured Funding and Borrowing must equal the Estimated Proponent Contribution.

CAUTION: The use of federal Gas Tax Funds (GTF) toward ICIP project costs are restricted according to the federal stacking limits of ICIP. Therefore in most cases, GTF is an ineligible source of funding for projects approved under this program. Do not include the use of GTF as a contribution toward this project unless you have confirmed it is within the stacking limits of the federal funding requested.

Internal Secured Funding (such as reserve funds)
External Secured Funding (such as joint partner funds or private investments)
Project Phasing
Management and Planning
For the infrastructure in this project submission:

Note: proponents are expected to manage the completed project in a financially sustainable manner, including planning for the eventual renewal of the infrastructure without grant support.

For all infrastructure that your organization manages:

Awarding Contracts

Contracts are required to be awarded in a way that is fair, transparent, competitive and consistent with value-for-money principles, and if applicable, in accordance with the Canadian Free Trade Agreement and international trade agreements. (See Program Guide)

Risk and Mitigation Strategies

Select all the risks that are applicable to your project, and provide a brief description of the risk and mitigation strategies undertaken or planned.

Example: Describe risk and its probability (low/medium/high), impact, and mitigation response (will risk be avoided, mitigated, transferred, or accepted). Describe the planned actions and what the residual risk will be.

Project Complexity (select all that apply)
Project Readiness (select all that apply)
Project Sensitivity (select all that apply)
Proponent Experience (select all that apply)
Supporting Documents
Mandatory Supporting Documents:

Listed below are the supporting documents required in order for your project submission to be considered complete.

To ensure all documents are received, proponents are required to provide the date that the documents will be emailed. If supporting documents are being sent at time of project submission, please use the date that the project is submitted. If documents will be sent at a later date, indicate the estimated date.

Optional Supporting Documents:

Proponents choosing to submit additional supporting documents need to provide the file name and date that the document(s) will be emailed. If supporting documents are being sent at time of project submission, please use the date that the project is submitted. If documents will be sent at a later date, indicate the estimated date.

Examples could include letters of support, feasibility studies, or partnership/MOU agreements etc.

File #1

Emailing Documents:

If your supporting documents are ready at time of project submission, they can be sent by clicking the Email Supporting Documents button below. Alternatively, supporting documents can also be emailed to ICIP@gov.mb.ca after the project has been submitted.

Proponents are encouraged to send their documents as soon as possible in order for their project submission to be considered complete.

Your project submission number must be included in the subject line of all supporting document emails. Total attachments included in a single email can not exceed 10MB. If your attachments exceed this limit please send additional emails as needed.


This Project Submission contains references to the Canada-Manitoba ICIP Integrated Bilateral Agreement (ICIP-IBA). In the event of a conflict between the Project Submission and the Agreement, the Agreement will prevail.

Final Steps Before Submitting Project and Technical Recommendations:

All sections must be 100% complete before the project can be submitted. To confirm that all sections are complete, you can review the section circles at the top of the form. A green check-mark indicates that the section is complete.

Please record your project submission number, which is visible at the top of the page, for future reference. You will also receive a confirmation number after submission (on the next screen).


You are strongly advised to PRINT a copy of your completed project submission form and to SAVE an electronic copy before clicking the SUBMIT button for your own records. Saving an electronic copy will also ensure your data is not lost in the event you experience any technical difficulties while submitting the project. Once you have clicked SUBMIT you will not be able to print or save the project submission.